With so many distractions, worries and responsibilities in our day-to-day lives it can be hard to find the clarity and mindset to truly achieve everything you desire in life.

Your mentor will be the head coach in your game of life, but it’s up to you to play the game. With Jacob as your mentor he will challenge and push you out of your comfort zone and into greatness. He will unleash your inner warrior and help you create your own personal brand that will see you stand out from the crowd and achieve greatness. 

The concept of mentoring dates back to Ancient Greece. When Odysseus embarked on the long journey to Troy he entrusted his realm into the care of his good friend, Mentor. When Athena wanted to give Odysseus advice during his twenty-year absence, and on his return to Ithaca, she chose to take the physical form of Mentor. We can presume that Athena chose this form because Mentor was such a trusted, wise and loyal friend.

Jacob can be the trusted, wise, loyal friend you’re able to lean on, take inspiration from and see yourself and your career reap the benefits from. He will make you accountable not to him – but to yourself and your goals. With Jacob Galea’s expert mentoring, you will accelerate your journey to reaching your own potential and meet your super self.