As a keynote speaker there are very few in the world that match Jacob Galea. His ability to engage an audience and blow the crowd away with his energetic passion and excitement stems from his Inner Warrior Black belt mastery and creates an atmosphere that is dynamic and unforgettable to all who experience his intensity.

His inspiring speeches have been applauded by thousands across countless events around the world and his presence is requested at some of the most prestigious corporate conferences around the world. His unique brand of motivation and the ability to connect with each and every person in a room of thousands is truly inspiring. Jacob is available to speak at events anywhere in Australia or around the world and is often lauded as the highlight of each event he speaks at.

Jacob is AVAILABLE to speak at events across Australia and internationally. From corporate training workshops to international conferences and beyond, audiences around the world have learnt how to unleash their inner corporate warrior thanks to hearing Jacob speak.  Even with his busy schedule of events Jacob always makes time to give back to the community and volunteer his time speaking for charities and RECENTLY his former high school to motivate and activate the minds of future leaders.