Speak not of who you are but in confidence of who you become”

Not all coaches are created equal – does your coach have what it takes to empower you with the tools, strategies and accountability required to elevate you to major league status?

Called upon by CEO’s of some of Australia and the world’s biggest corporations, Jacob Galea’s unique and effective coaching style is designed to bring out your inner corporate warrior and allow you to become a master of your own mindset.  Jacob’s techniques have assisted corporations and business leaders around the world to achieve exponential growth and streamline through innovation and enrichment.

Jacob has been a student of the mind for over 20 years and has used techniques in Emotional Intelligence, the Power of the Subconscious Mind and Visualisations, amongst many others, to transform his life and the lives of countless others. As a young man in his early twenties Jacob refused to accept his current restraints as a factory worker earning minimum wage and was relentless in his pursuit of expansion. By his mid-twenties he was the owner of his own successful business and even now he continues to stand out from the crowd as Australia’s leading Executive Business Coach and author of best selling book “Birth of the Super You”.