With this own corporate success, Jacob understands the burdens CEO’s face with stress, deadlines and overloaded schedules; yet is able to cut through all the noise and decode and demystify the struggles in the concrete jungle. Jacob will ignite the corporate warrior within you that is capable of tackling the biggest challenges and achieving the highest goals. Jacob will ignite the greatness in you!


Whether you’re the CEO of a large corporation, the founder of a start up, an athlete, or someone with goals to achieve, Jacob believes each person has infinite potential to be exploded and unleashed onto the world. However, we know it is impossible to do it all on your own. Jacob’s coaching will keep you on track, motivated and inspired to achieve your dreams, focused on the future and always keeping your eye on the prize. This kind of clarity of the mind cannot simply be achieved without expert guidance and support. You have a unique signature and fingerprint and with Jacob’s help you WILL leave that fingerprint on this very busy world and create a legacy of greatness for future generations.


As a Karate black belt champion, his coaching is a mix of Zen leadership, mind coaching and inner human transformation, coupled with his unshakable belief in the human spirit. These are the keys to continually working at the highest level. 


What could you achieve with a transformed and motivated mindset? Be prepared for the Birth of the Super YOU!




As a keynote speaker there are very few in the world that match Jacob Galea. His ability to engage an audience and blow the crowd away with his energetic passion and excitement stems from his Inner Warrior Black belt mastery and creates an atmosphere that is dynamic and unforgettable to all who experience his intensity.

His inspiring speeches have been applauded by thousands across countless events around the world and his presence is requested at some of the most prestigious corporate conferences around the world. His unique brand of motivation and the ability to connect with each and every person in a room of thousands is truly inspiring. Jacob is available to speak at events anywhere in Australia or around the world and is often lauded as the highlight of each event he speaks at.

Jacob is AVAILABLE to speak at events across Australia and internationally. From corporate training workshops to international conferences and beyond, audiences around the world have learnt how to unleash their inner corporate warrior thanks to hearing Jacob speak.  Even with his busy schedule of events Jacob always makes time to give back to the community and volunteer his time speaking for charities and RECENTLY his former high school to motivate and activate the minds of future leaders.




Speak not of who you are but in confidence of who you become”

Not all coaches are created equal – does your coach have what it takes to empower you with the tools, strategies and accountability required to elevate you to major league status?

Called upon by CEO’s of some of Australia and the world’s biggest corporations, Jacob Galea’s unique and effective coaching style is designed to bring out your inner corporate warrior and allow you to become a master of your own mindset.  Jacob’s techniques have assisted corporations and business leaders around the world to achieve exponential growth and streamline through innovation and enrichment.

Jacob has been a student of the mind for over 20 years and has used techniques in Emotional Intelligence, the Power of the Subconscious Mind and Visualisations, amongst many others, to transform his life and the lives of countless others. As a young man in his early twenties Jacob refused to accept his current restraints as a factory worker earning minimum wage and was relentless in his pursuit of expansion. By his mid-twenties he was the owner of his own successful business and even now he continues to stand out from the crowd as Australia’s leading Executive Business Coach and author of best selling book “Birth of the Super You”.  




With so many distractions, worries and responsibilities in our day-to-day lives it can be hard to find the clarity and mindset to truly achieve everything you desire in life.

Your mentor will be the head coach in your game of life, but it’s up to you to play the game. With Jacob as your mentor he will challenge and push you out of your comfort zone and into greatness. He will unleash your inner warrior and help you create your own personal brand that will see you stand out from the crowd and achieve greatness. 

The concept of mentoring dates back to Ancient Greece. When Odysseus embarked on the long journey to Troy he entrusted his realm into the care of his good friend, Mentor. When Athena wanted to give Odysseus advice during his twenty-year absence, and on his return to Ithaca, she chose to take the physical form of Mentor. We can presume that Athena chose this form because Mentor was such a trusted, wise and loyal friend.

Jacob can be the trusted, wise, loyal friend you’re able to lean on, take inspiration from and see yourself and your career reap the benefits from. He will make you accountable not to him – but to yourself and your goals. With Jacob Galea’s expert mentoring, you will accelerate your journey to reaching your own potential and meet your super self.