[UltraFit Magazine] Superwoman with Superpowers

Superwoman with Superpowers

How does a woman go from being an average every day woman to an unstoppable Superwoman? One who can destroy anything in her path, can ensure that everything she touches turns to gold, and to capture the hearts and minds of all of those she comes in contact with?

For a moment I want you close your eyes and visualise a Superwoman character – how does she dress, eat, train, talk, communicate and love? Now I want you to put your face on that visualised head and body. I want you to see yourself in the scene with the power and results you have always wanted, and just for this second believe you are a Superwoman!

Now I want you to look at the roles most women play in life; they are partners, wives, sisters, daughters, mums, friends, associates, lovers, executives, and the list goes on endlessly. They wear so many hats during their lifetime that when you really have a close look, it would take a superwoman to pull it off and succeed.

Chances are that right now you already are the superwoman you have always wanted to become. Give yourself some credit for what you do and how you do it and claim your super cape and wear it with pride. Superpowers come from within – from within our minds and our heart – you can tap into them at any time you need. You can turn them up and turn them down, and you have the internal drive to be as powerful or as placid as you feel you need to be.

We often look at the characters of people, the roles they play in the community and we tend to read about the wonderful things they are doing. For some reason we then label them as SUPER human. But when was the last time you looked at everything you do from the time you rise to the time you rest and said “Wow, I was Superwoman today and I loved it”?

Being superhuman is nothing more than a mindset. It’s a way of living and thinking, but most people are too busy continuously doing tasks that they don’t even see how great they are, and what a difference they are making in the lives of others.

It’s vital that you have a Life Map, one the visually shows where you are going and what you are aiming to achieve in your life. Then, every six months when you review it, you can see the amazing progress you have made in all areas of your life. A Life Map is vital for superhuman progress; otherwise you’ll become a boat drifting in the ocean, being directed by the wind, going wherever it feels you should.

Life is too short not to be powerful and successful. Make sure you live life to the max every day, with a smile and a basket of energy. That way you can ensure that you are being true to your honour and life as a person. We have more opportunities in our lifetime right now than others in the past; this means that there are more chances now than ever to have a shot at being a Superwoman in this lifetime.

“I want you to see yourself in the scene with the power and results you have always wanted, and just for this second believe you are a Superwoman!”




  • Create a good Life Map with a clear direction of where you are going – if you need help, find a Life Coach to assist.
  • Complete a Vision Board. This allows you to see all the dreams you are chasing in front of you every day, so your eyes are always on the prize.
  • Find people in the community that you believe are doing super things and learn from them.
  • Get a great mentor who has more superpowers than you, who can guide and teach you.
  • Create an affirmation that you repeat all day long, which turns up your mental power and belief.
  • Spend time in silence through meditation, walking, in nature by the ocean or in the bush and tap into the powers of nature – the forces that are bigger than us.
  • Read about others who you perceive are super people, learn from them, mirror them, and then create your own individual pathway for success.
  • Create a to-do list ticking off all the items once they are achieved and then make the next list harder to achieve – for momentum and movement in life on a grand scale.


Remember, every person has all the super human powers they already need, all they have to do is tap into them, awaken them, start to use them, then be rewarded with pleasure. Plan for success, plan for growth, plan to live your life your way…that will create a SUPERWOMAN with SUPERPOWERS.


joseph ferrone