[UltraFit Magazine] Face the Future by Training Your Internal Warrior!

Face the Future by Training Your Internal Warrior!

Most of you reading this article engage in some sort of physical activity or exercise routine on a daily basis. We pound our bodies day after day by running, punching, lifting, swimming or whatever you do to stay fit, to ensure we look amazing on the outside. We spend hours per week ensuring we have a great physical exercise regime and we stick to it with stealth like precision; we are conditioned to make sure we get this physical exercise completed before the weekend, because if we miss a workout we often feel guilty and not our normal selves.

For that I congratulate you. However, while your physical appearance is being worked on for constant improvement… may I ask you what training you are doing on the inside to stay fit and healthy?

Are you spending all your time on the yang and missing the ying? When was the last time you trained your internal warrior for strength and endurance; building your human spirit and drive to become so strong that it keeps you balanced, focused, and determined to live a balanced life?

Then today you have a chance to learn about what I call your “internal warrior”- your partner in success!


. . . our thoughts create our reality

Meditation and breathing exercises are another way to help strengthen your internal warrior and human spirit. Spend time daily meditating and focusing on being clear of negative thoughts and toxins. Focus on your breathing, learn to control it, as in all physical exercise movements our breathing speed is altered and we must learn to take control of our breath.

Training mentally is as important as training physically. We need a daily plan on how we can “train our brain” and human spirit to ensure that we are balanced and not fit on the outside but a wreck on the inside. We should be using the amazing power we have in our minds to help us bring our thoughts into reality in all aspects of our lives. We must learn to self-coach our internal warrior to guide us and to ensure that we are on the right track to our destination in life.

Visualisations are a great way to start. Close your eyes 20 minutes before you next exercise and visualise the outcome you wish to achieve. Imagine yourself in your mind’s eye, breaking records physically and out performing your personal best. What you are doing here is seeing yourself in your own movie – exercising to perfection, swimming those extra laps, lifting those extra reps, running that extra few kilometres – because what you see in your mind’s eye becomes a reality in our real world if practiced over and over in visualisation – as our thoughts create our reality.


. . . one hour of great Tai Chi is like doing a heavy four-hour exercise routine.

The ancient warriors and warlords understood the power of training not only physically but also internally. They devoted hours of their training to the mental side of exercise, while monks spent hours in one spot with their eyes closed meditating, visualising and controlling their breathing and thoughts for the best quality, balanced life possible. When was the last time you trained your internal warrior and human spirit?

Learning Tai Chi is another great way to slow down our hectic lives and be “in the moment”. These slow moving exercises keep our mind focused on building inner strength and power; taking the form of ancient moves learnt thousands of years ago by eastern experts for a balanced life, as well as forming a workout routine. Nothing is more powerful than waking up early and spending an hour doing Tai Chi while the sun is rising, before you head off to the cut throat world we live in today. This has so many benefits for training inner power and focus that they say one hour of great Tai Chi is like doing a heavy four-hour exercise routine.


When was the last time you trained your internal warrior and human spirit?

Nothing is more important – this is the fuel that runs our car, as without it the car will not perform. Fill up your inner fuel daily, learn to apply it and top it up on a regular basis to ensure you are not left with a great looking body and a motor that does not run. Our human spirit, our internal warrior, is the motor of our human bodies; spend time servicing it, tuning it up, and having regular sessions to keep the motor as sharp as possible or it will break down!

You can incorporate any of these techniques into your daily regime immediately with success and without any hassle. Start your next workout with visualisation, some meditation, and “Zen-out” leaving you ready for the best workout of your life. When we eat, we drink to compliment the process, so start today to compliment your physical training process by incorporating the inner strength training methods to help make you a better rounded athlete and person.

Over the next month incorporate these techniques into your physical training sessions and watch the difference for yourself – feel the new power, the more focused mind, and the warrior attitude start to work for you – it is a tool that when practiced and perfected will change the world you live in forever.

joseph ferrone