[Leading Minds Academy] Your Life's Journey to Success

Your Life's Journey to Success

Flow like water – Your life’s Journey to success.
The power of water is limitless. Water is one of the most powerful liquids on our planet, water has the ability to flood a town, water our gardens, drive our beaches into playgrounds, clean our internal bodies [ especially since we are majorly made up of water ], and fit into any jar / cup.
What if you could flow like water, being able to adjust to all things around us with ease and flow?
Flow; (esp. of a liquid) Move along or out steadily and continuously in a current or stream:
How continual is your natural flow to adapt into all of life’s currents and circumstances, do you surrender to the flow or do you fight against the tide? There is great power in learning the art of flowing and allowing, trusting that all that is happening is guiding us down our stream of life to where we need to end up and be.
Can you remember when you last had an issue with something or someone; if you look back you will probably find you were out of sync with your natural ability to allow the situation to reveal the real leanings in the experience.
Every experience in life is a lesson for us, every person who comes into our life is there to teach us something, we must simply learn how to look, listen, and feel for the reason behind every situation, this will also shine a new light on the same scenario enabling you to see the truth behind the experience. When we swim in the surf the rule if you get caught in a rip is to stay calm, don’t try and fight against the current, let it take you out to where it needs to, then simply swim across it to be free and safe again.
What if we used this same rule in life?
What if you did not engage in an argument that is useless and simply let it take its course, and you then simply flowed out of it with ease and grace being safe, calm, and in control of your world?
The reason water is such a powerful thing is its ability to flow, flow with or without pressure it knows where and when to flow to all environments it is around, it adapts to whatever it needs to be in the moment of for the most powerful result.
Can you train your thoughts and mind to be a flowing machine that you are in charge of?
Could you teach the flow of your thoughts and speech to be that of success, health, wealth, and happiness?
Your mind and internal dialogue needs to be a calm flowing stream of confidence, creativity, innovation, strategy, and clarity. This clarity will then help you to make the right choices in your life without the cloudiness of all the noise around your mental communication.
You deserve to live a life of free easy flowing thoughts and results, life does not need to be a battle that we have to fight like wild rapids in a river reaching for our next breath to stay alive and not drown.
Life can flow in the way of your choice when you accept the power of adaptability and understand when to flow like water, when to sit still and not move, and went to aggressively throw your focus into your dreams, goals and desires. This is your super highway to success.
To be able to organically flow is the power of nature and where you fit into the outcome of your destiny, do you fight against all that is coming into your life as this could slow you down and put you behind the eight ball of life.
What you need to do is let life take you down your own individual stream to success, trust that all that is happening to you is for the right reasons, and are lessons to help you grow, develop, and better your world.
Build your pillars of self improvement around understanding your natural flow is your secret to success.
Surrender to your cause, trust your decisions and get in tune with your internal orchestra and listen to what they are saying and playing to you, this will put you in the driver’s seat for a race that will be won with ease and happiness.
Traffic has to flow and keep flowing so that there are no traffic jams or bottle necks that then delay us for hours, as does your life, it must be in constant flow with that of nature so you do not have any major bottlenecks slowing down your trip in life.
Here are some great tips on how you can start to be more in flow with your life’s journey;
• Learn to accept that all around us is happening for a purpose to better your life and the situation
• Be adaptable and willing to change if the need be, this strategy is vital for your success.
• Understand and learn more about the flow of life, it is never what we think and we sometimes need to step back and look at the event with a different view.
• Read about great people in life who have adapted to the new flow of a situation [ like the Global Financial Crisis, an earthquake, the share market unstableness ] and see how they have had no choice but to change strategy, direction, and flow for an even better result.
• Test the power of surrender and allowing for the next month in your life, and see what a difference it will make in the outcome of all events / situations.
• Keep a journal of every time you feel you are fighting against your life’s flow, ask why, and then change your direction and plan.
• Monitor the flow of your emotions, see if they are serving you or crushing you.

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