[EntSun News] Corporate coach & business mentor Jacob Galea launches inspirational new book

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Corporate coach & business mentor Jacob Galea launches inspirational new book

EntSun - May 13, 2015 - MELBOURNE, Australia -- Leading corporate coach and business mentor Jacob Galea has just announced the launch of his new book 'Birth of the SUPER YOU – a warrior's handbook' in which he shares not only his life journey but also practical hands on advice in a simple and un-sensational style that will be a legacy, roadmap and toolkit to achieving personal growth and success.  But more than that, it is a very personal and heartfelt invitation to the reader to grow into the Super person they were meant to be.

"From a young age, we are conditioned to be 'average' and the limits placed on ourselves can be so ingrained.  In far too many cases, what people believe to be'columns of strength' are in reality 'anchors' that are holding back an individual's potential and ability to achieve greatness", said Jacob Galea.

"But by a seemingly small and simple change of perspective the world will reveal itself to be a very different welcoming place for the SUPER YOU within".

Jacob Galea is adamant that once you realise the inner potential, take action and embark on a journey to achieving a SUPER YOU, a life of fulfillment and realisation of promise will be the outcome.

In his corporate coaching, mentoring and main platform presentations, Jacob Galea challenges his audience to dream of a life gifted with Super powers like many of the caped heroes we watched and read about as youngsters.  What dramatic changes to everyday life could Super powers and an adventurous spirit without limits bring – improved decision making, confidence, courage, better relationships and the list goes on.

Never underestimate the power of belief attests Jacob Galea's book by encouraging everyone to live in a state of becoming.  Not to label yourself by who you are now, but instead to think of yourself as the Super person you are going to be.  Then behave, dream and strive to be in that future you deserve.

Commenting on the book that was an immense undertaking and very personal goal, Jacob Galea said, "Deep inside of us there is a Super person that has every right and opportunity to enjoy personal and business fulfillment, but for a myriad of reasons and factors this connection with the SUPER YOU – the very best version of the person you were meant to be – is suppressed and not being realised".

"I wrote the book to help nurture that seed until being Super is not just possible – it is who you are".

There are two key principles / themes contained in the book that Jacob Galea articulates to clients and audiences around the globe.  The first is that being Super is a process that comes from the inside out.

The second, although referred to as the warrior is far from being a rage fuelled individual portrayed in Hollywood movies and folklore.  Instead Jacob Galea refers to the warrior being a person that is compassionate, assertive, self possessed and an empowered focussed individual that overcomes challenges, is open to new information, builds strong alliances, perseveres and succeeds.

Utilising these two principles The Birth of the SUPER YOU provides advice and guidance to those seeking to realise their true potential through a process of self-change that assists to identify elements of their lives that they want to transform and then provides guidance through a process of actions needed to achieve the desired outcome.

Written in an easy-to-read style, Jacob Galea has organised the book into compact chapters that make navigation easy and articulates the importance of vision, goal setting and the processes needed for self-change and demonstrates clearly and simply how to develop and set achievable goals and act upon them.

Jacob Galea is the embodiment of the book having transformed his life from a factory worker to success coach, mentor, international presenter and media commentator by tapping into his inner warrior that he attests is deep inside all of us.  His mission is to empower clients and those around him with inspiration, knowledge and a philosophy matched to a proven step by step process to underpin the best choices for Super personal and professional triumph.

A karate black belt champion, Jacob Galea utilises a mix of Zen leadership, mind coaching and inner human transformation to bring discipline, focus and clarity to the minds of corporate leaders.  His most recent achievement resulted in a client's large national professional services firm increasing its billings by $1million annually.

Jacob Galea is available for interviews and appearances.  For booking presentations, media appearances, interviews and / or book-signings please contact Joe Perri on 0412 112 545 or jperri@joeperri.com.au

Birth of the SUPER YOU – a warrior's handbook is now on sale and can be purchased online at Amazon, Kindle or by visiting Jacob Galea's website www.jacobgalea.com

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