Those who have failed to work toward the truth have missed the purpose of living
— Buddha

Jacob Galea has transformed his life from a factory worker to success coach and mentor by using the power of the mind and tapping into his inner warrior that lies deep inside all of us.

Jacob has trained thousands of people and spoken in front of huge audiences sharing his knowledge, wisdom, guidance, and secrets, and now is helping people and businesses’s all over the world become limitless and live with purpose.

Jacob has been a student of the mind for the last 20 years, studying and applying himself in Emotional Intelligence, Hypnotherapy, the power of the Subconscious Mind, Visualisations, the Art of War strategies, and his powerful Warrior training program and guidance system he has built.

A karate black belt champion, his brand is a mix of Zen leadership, mind coaching and inner human transformation, coupled with his unshakeable belief in the human spirit.

He understands the power of the mind and utilises his skills as a martial arts expert to bring discipline, focus and clarity to the minds of corporate leaders. He brings calm and clarity to stressed executives burdened by deadlines and overloaded schedules.

His ability to identify and implement creative business strategies and his personal commitment to that process is a trademark of this inspirational entrepreneur. As a boardroom advisor and personal lifestyle coach, Jacob builds individuals, teams and organisations as “unstoppable “corporate warriors.

As part of his media profile he has been featured in BRW, Sydney Morning Herald, Sunday Telegraph, Good Weekend, Body and Soul, Mix 106.5FM radio, MX magazine and Blitz magazine as well writing a monthly column in Ultra Fit magazine.

Jacob Galea’s personal charisma and passion for building tomorrow’s leaders has now provided him with a platform for the world stage.